Not Suitable for Children! Reading Between the Lines of Dogger…


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So it’s been a long time since I’ve done this, but I thought I’d do some more “reading between the lines” of one of my favourite childhood books…

*Insert usual disclaimer that this is satire*

doggerWell, I have to say I used to think this book was suitable for children, but boy was I wrong! The subliminal messages in “dogger” would give Freudian psychologists a field day! I mean, just look at the wordplay in title for heavens sake!

And what about the fact it’s all about a toy getting lost and found… I mean it’s not too difficult to insert some Fifty Shades of Grey style thoughts in there!

NO THIS IS NOT ME READING TOO MUCH INTO IT!! Like every good psychoanalytical reading I just happen to see phallic symbols everywhere… And incest- cos siblings in books equal incest- you’ll know this if you’ve ever studied English…

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An Exhaustive Study of Why the Goldfinch is Too Long


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The_goldfinch_by_donna_tartI’ll try to be brief- or as brief as I can be with a rant about Tartt’s supposed “masterpiece”. As you can probably tell from the title, I’m not so sure I succeeded.

Let’s start with the positives, shall we? The Goldfinch painting by Fabritius is beautiful. It’s just a shame the book wasn’t. Okay, I guess I ran out of positives, cos let’s face it I really did not like this book.

The most obvious issue was that it was too damn long. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against long books. In fact, nothing gives me more pleasure than sinking my teeth into a really hefty, beautiful book. But this book was at best mediocre- and I hate wasting hours of my time on mediocrity.

Because it is *at best* mediocre. Even when a bomb *literally goes off* the narrative style remains the same. It is slow…

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“Life or Art” doesn’t mean anything


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*We interrupt this impromptu tag week for a random advice post*

Okay, I’m not one to produce advice posts, so forgive me if I’m doing something a little out of the ordinary here. Maybe it was giving advice in my Blogger Recognition Award. I dunno- I probably won’t be getting into the habit of this anyway. But I have something that needs to be said, so I’m going to cut to the chase.

I think it’s tragic when people let real relationships slide for the sake of art.

Too many people think they have to sacrifice their happiness in order to be successful. They think they have to make sacrifices, give up things and generally neglect areas of their life so that they can be *someone*. But I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because who says there’s not enough time in the day to do…

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Snow Like Ashes Book Review


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snow like ashesAs I mentioned in in my Dashing Through the Snow post, I just finished this book. I whizzed through it one evening. Which is great- because I love things that are fast paced. What was not so great is that when I finished I did not feel like I’d connected with it as much as I wanted to.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the drama, the action and the concept. The world building in particular had me going “wow!” But, as good as all that was, world building is not going to keep me up at night, itching for more.

Some of the characters were well developed (especially Meira) but a lot of them were pretty flat. Most of the side characters could have been anyone- they were basically just names and nothing more. Then there was Mather. My goodness he was dull. The narrative relied wayyy too much…

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Dashing Through the Snow Book Tag


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Let’s be real- I’m not doing my tags in order anymore. Because some of these will no longer be relevant for another year- so I’ve realised I better do them fast!

Thank you to Zezee and reinreads for the tag! In all honesty, I don’t celebrate Christmas (*shock, horror*, no I’m not joking) so this will be a little tricky to answer.  

  1. Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree.

gathering darknessI’ve only had a Christmas tree twice in my life- I found one in my cupboard at uni and put it up for lols, so I can’t really answer this properly, but the number 1 book on my wishlist is probably Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes- just cos I’ve wanted to read it for so long!!


  1. A book you’ll be reading during the Christmas Season.

winterWell there were quite a few- I read Winter

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Predict My Life In Books


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Here’s another amazing tag I was tagged to do by River Moose Reads! Lucia @ Reading with Lucia created this tag, so shout out to her too! This looks like loads of fun so I’ just gonna get started!!


Okay, I have a few for this, so I’m gonna list them in order of how I’d pick them:

carry onInvisible

5. Baz from Carry On cos, you know, he’s awesome, though I kind of want him to be with the person he’s with in that (*no spoilers*), so he’s more of an honorary pick



4. Valek from Poison Study, cos he was basically the reason I kept going back for more of that series, long after I’d tired of it.



3. Then next choice is Sirius Black from Harry Potter cos I always had a crush on him as a child.



2. Second in…

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